Re-shoring Business and Opportunities for America
  1. Email your resume to or select the “Start Now” button. We will contact you to schedule a short interview to find out exactly what you are looking for. This is also your opportunity to learn more about Reba Of America and what we have to offer.
  2. Go to Arise and click on "I understand that Arise offers a business opportunity, not employment.", "Get Started" and then select country "United States" to create your profile.
  3. Answer "Yes" to the question "Where you referred to Arise by an Arise Certified Professional?"
  4. Please enter CSP ID: 845023 in the box that is displayed. Click search, the name (Compass Puntas) will populate, then click "Submit".
  5. Complete a short voice assessment.
  6. Submit your information for a background check*.
  7. Enroll in CSP 101*. Become client certified and you are ready to start earning money!
  8. Express interest in a client opportunity, enroll in certification* and set up your home office.
  9. Once you get to this step you are on the Reba Of America team, we will provide you with our EIN, and add you to the payroll.

* There are small fees associated with these steps, none of which are paid to Reba Of America. However, Reba Of America will refund the training costs of all active agents who have been with us for 12 weeks upon request.

  • Background Check There is a $12.95 ($25.95 in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, Nevada,South Dakota and Vermont) fee for the background check. Applicants are responsible for this fee which is paid to U.S. Information Search. Reba Of America does not receive any funds for the background check. This is a requirement, for agents will have access to confidential information(credit cards and personal information).
  • CSP 101 Certified Training This course must be completed in order for you to become a Certified Client Support Professional, this will allow you to work under Arise. This course teaches everything that is needed to know about working from home. The CSP 101 training course is self paced and is taken on your computer. You have up to 5 days to complete the course, and the final exam. A score of 85% or higher is required to pass and applicants are allowed 2 chances to take the exam. This course has a fee which is paid directly to Arise. Applicants are responsible for this fee and Reba Of America does not receive any funds from this training course.
  • Client Certification Training This prepares you to service a client of you choice. The fees differ from one client to another and range between $50 - $150. These fees are paid directly to Arise. Applicants are responsible for this fee and Reba Of America does not receive any funds from this training course. Training lasts 2-6 weeks depending on the opportunity and are scheduled from Monday to Friday. The classes are online in a virtual classroom. They are not self paced and no absents are allowed.
  • "Cost-Match Coupon:" As an incentive, the cost of tuition for a client ceritfication training course may be refunded by Reba of America after you have passed the final exam and have been on our team for twelve weeks and actively servicing that client.

You may cash-in your "Cost-Match coupon" after you have completed and passed the client certification training of your choice and have been on the payroll for 12 weeks.
For your brochure and checklist Download PDF here.